Beginner Yoga

Beginner’s yoga is designed as an introduction to the practice of yoga. Class is slower paced than the moderate levels class. It is focused on developing clear and safe alignment in foundation poses with some focus on breathing techniques.

Chair Yoga

This class will use the support of a chair to flow through gentle yoga asanas (postures). There will be modifications for poses to make them more or less challenging depending on what you need. Most of the poses will be sitting or standing using the support of the chair. This is a great class for anyone who has a hard time standing for long periods of time or for someone needs a very gentle form of yoga.


Hatha is an alignment-oriented practice that emphasizes the forms and actions within yoga postures. Traditional asanas are held in accurate alignment. Emphasis is placed on core strength, flexibility and balance as well as concentration and breath control. This class is based on physical postures (asanas), deep breathing, mindfulness and listening to the body. Suitable for all levels.

Power Flow

Power Flow is a total body workout connecting breath and movement. Build heat and strength while elongating the muscles, and developing a better sense of balance. You will leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. All levels are welcome. Modifications and rest breaks are offered and encouraged.

BeFit Yoga Body & Mind Yoga

BeFit Body & Mind Yoga classes are taught in the Old Fashioned Method of Ashtanga Yoga.

Bobbi will be in town May 1- September 30, 2018. to teach Open Mysore and Befit Led classes.

Yoga Class Prices

Single Class – $15
5 Class Pass – $60
10 Class Pass – $100

Unlimited Class Passes
1 month – $120
3 month – $275
12 month – $980

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