Meet Dan

Dan Grossberg has been practicing Taijiquan for 30 years and does not necessarily hope to get it right someday. He teaches Yang Style Long Form Taijiquan with attention to a balance between principles and forms, repetition and improvisation, and individual and group practice. He is an ardent proponent of slowing down, feeling something, and the mojo of people doing taiji together. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College and a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Taijiquan is a martial art, exercise, and moving meditation practice that originated in China in the beginning of the 17th century. It focuses on promoting healthy movement and harmony in the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—through individual, pair, and group exercises based on Daoist principles of yielding, centeredness, harmony, mindfulness, detachment, attention to dynamics, continuity and connection, and the balance of yin and yang.

Dan currently teaches Tai Chi in a 10 class series. The next class series will begin on March 6 at 830pm.

This series of introductory classes center around learning the first 20 movements of the Yang family style long form, a set of 106 movements (give or take!) that embody the principles of Taijiquan; both the sequence of movements and the subtler distinctions and adjustments that improve health and efficiency and harmony of movement. Study of the form is supplemented with exercises that allow focused practice on particular principles and skills and pairs exercises, such as Push Hands, that develop sensitivity and responsiveness. Movements and exercises are all done standing or walking and are appropriate for all levels of mobility. It looks easy, but can be a challenging workout in unexpected ways. On the other hand it can also be done more gently for less athletic people or those with limited mobility.

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