Nicole Sharkey is a trained licensed dietitian who practices holistic wellness and nutrition therapy. While her educational background is science based, her personal mantra is “Eat what nature provides.” She believes that the body has the means to heal itself, given the right support; and that food truly is the best medicine.

Will meet at my office at Mending Roots Wellness and includes a nutrition assessment and evaluation based on the clients intake form filled out prior to the appointment time. 60-90 minutes.

A summary and recommendations will be emailed to the client no more than one week post-meeting and may include: further education and information, articles, a meal plan, recipes, and wellness tips.

Can be held at the office, a grocery store, farm stand or in the client’s home dependent upon the client’s education needs and nutrition goals. 60 minutes.

Is offered to clients who have had an Individual Nutritional Therapy Consultation. The client may text or email Nicole up to 5 times per day Monday-Saturday between the hours of 9am-5pm with nutrition and food questions and will receive advice and recommendations to assist the client in reaching long-term goals.

January 2017 – A 30 day program designed to teach clean eating and create positive long-term habits while detoxifying body systems and balancing weight.

Individual Nutrition Therapy

Initial Consultation $95

Couples Nutrition Therapy

Initial meeting $125

Family Nutrition Therapy

Initial Consultation $125
Follow up $75

Group Nutrition Therapy (4-6 people)

Initial meeting $60 per person


Nicole is available for online booking for appointments on Wednesday & Saturdays. She is available for appointments on other days but you will need to contact her to set up those appointments.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Nicole or get more information regarding her services please use the contact form here.

Or call the office at 717-850-7120

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