Lindsay Stefanon

Lindsay began yoga and meditation at age 15, soon after she was in a car accident and had severe migraines. Instead using medication, she used her breath, and through yoga and meditation was no longer subjected to take medication in order to feel better in life. Lindsay is now in training to become a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, through this program she wants to share her love of holistic healing to the world. She is halfway through her training, so the hour-long sessions are half priced at $40.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a process in which transformational change is possible in all aspects of life. We begin at the physical level of the body where tension and pain may be stored, however instead of only trying to “fix” these symptoms we allow them to show up. In becoming aware of these sensations, we dive deeper into why they are appearing. Our bodies are often a reflection of what is happening in our lives, so being aware of the surface allows us to dive deeper and explore through a client empowered session! Through transformational change we are one step closer to bringing our selves back home to the peace within each of us. Yoga Therapy is a unique embodied route to therapy. Using the concept of a mind-body connection, we allow issues to surface through the body rather than the mind. By understanding our bodies and tapping in to the moment of “here and now,” we are in a place of total awareness where the clients themselves develop a self-generated, transformational experience of healing. Phoenix Rising navigates life change through the combination of yoga philosophy, mindfulness, psychology, and neuroscience.  

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