Brook Euler

M.Ed License Teacher/Certified Dyslexia Specialist

Hollybrook Euler is the Director and founder of Schooling for You. Although Brook is the primary resource person at Schooling For You their are several teachers/tutors available Ms. Euler holds a M.A. in Education and has extensive experience working with children while holding a Pennsylvania teachers license.

She has worked as a teacher at a progressive private school in Pennsylvania where children led the way in their own education and where staff served to support that journey. She worked side by side with children pre-school through highschool where every day was different. She could be found with students at one hour in a comparative discussion about a book, to the next hour planning a week long backpacking trip along the Appalachian Trail.

She then moved out west where she taught young students and adult learners through the University of Utah in Park City.

Upon moving to North Carolina she worked with children struggling with learning disabilities as well as behavioral issues. She worked as an advocate for these children between the teacher, parents and the child, modifying their school work to be more learning disability friendly. She also worked with the children’s behavioral counselors helping them understand the children’s individual needs and how to support them on their path to success.

She led family and children communication workshops as well as formed a support group for families with young children in North Carolina and a monthly mothers support group in Pennsylvania. She served as the vice president of the school assembly at The Circle School in Harrisburg, PA and then was elected to the Board of Trustees. Where she served the school for several years.

In Pennsylvania, she co-founded with her children, a support social homeschool group for families choosing alternative paths in homeschooling. She homeschools her own children but if you ask her she would say she homeschools with her children. She serves as an evaluator to homeschool families in Pennsylvania as well as a performing homeschool consulting nationwide.

She mobilized, organized and then facilitated a large group of volunteers (over 200) into an extremely active group called Aaron’s share the care. This group cared for a friend with ALS and his family and still continues to do so. The success of the group was evident in how well it functioned independently on both small and large tasks.

She earned her certification by Susan Barton herself in her prestigious Barton Reading and Spelling program becoming a certified Reading and Spelling Dyslexia specialist.

She continues her life passion for supporting children and their families in choosing the learning path that is right for them and continuing her own love of life-long learning.

Visit her website for more info Schooling for You.

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